Participation to the auction is possible upon registration only, during the days preceding the auction or directly at the desk, just before the sale. After filling the appropriate form and providing the requested documents, the numbered paddle to bid will be given.

Due to the regulations currently in force regarding social distancing and limited seating capacity, participation in the auction  at our Via Pontaccio 12 offices  will be possible exclusively through written, telephone or online bids,  until new provisions will be enforced concerning the prevention of ther Covid19 contagion.


To participate, you can submit a written or a telephone bid by using the “Absentee bid form"  which must be received by Il Ponte Auction House no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the sale in question.

In the case of a written bid,  Il Ponte will participate on your behalf and will bid against any other competitor until the maximum offer indicated on the form is reached.

In the case of a telephone bid, Il Ponte will contact you some lots before those for which you have requested to bid, granted the starting price is guaranteed – detail which may be obtained by the department staff – and will follow your instructions as to subsequent bids.


In order to participate online you have to register on our site by submitting all required documents thus creating your own account.

You can leave bids no later than 24 hours before the auction or participate directly in the  auction in real time.


The participation is only through written bids, phone or online on our platform ILPONTELIVE