The Stamps Department, with an average of sold lots above 90% and an increase of the sales value of over 200%, has reached memorable goals in a very short time placing itself within the international panorama among the leaders of the field.

The historical fascination and economic value that have always characterized stamps, envelopes and letters have made Philately one of the most widespread forms of collecting in the world.

Sensational the awards of the cosmograms: € 35,000 for one of the 25 samples of the "Personal Preference Kit" belonging to astronaut Charles M. Duke and € 22,000 for one of the 214 carried in space by astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission.

The Ballons Montés soar too, among which stands out "Délivrance” “Formule lettre” hammered at € 28,000.

The Italian postal history is the protagonist with the collections of the “Antichi Stati Italiani, Regno d’Italia 1850/1864” (€ 27,000) and “Italia, Colonie, Occupazioni 1862/1963” (€ 17,000).

Among the items of great international enticement we find a leaflet from the People's Republic of China "Stage art of Mei Lang-Fang", an 1840 "Penny black", the magnificent "Valentina" envelope from Pavia to Trieste and the postcard with the summons to Titanic's inaugural journey. Another classic of collecting is Numismatic. Great the interest recorded in the last sales for coins dating back to the Kingdom of Italy, in particular two gold samples of Vittorio Emanuele III awarded respectively for € 17,500 and € 7,000.

"In 2016, a cosmogram of the Apollo 16 mission was sold by Il Ponte Auction House for 43,750 euros [...] recalls Alberto Coda Canati, Head of Stamps Department. «The interest was high because it concerned the last space mission authorized to postal transportation and due to the scarce number of samples offered. One of the 241 cosmograms of the Apollo 11 mission, signed 'Buzz Aldrin', has instead been sold for 27,500 euros».”

Capital | September 2020

"Actually, the two philatelic gems of what were the Papal States are not even proper stamps, but studies or projects for new issues that for various reasons couldn't reach postal desks. The most sensational case is represented by the 20 bai, yellow in name and nature [...] from which comes the sample that, in the sale of July 7th, the milanese auction house Il Ponte (, offers at 50k-70k euros."

L’Economia del Corriere della Sera | June 2020