It is being proposed as a new department even though our  auction house, has a well-established tradition in  musical instrument sales with excellent results also internationally.

As far back as  2004 a violin by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini was hammered down at  the remarkable sum of € 300,000 excluding buyer's premium. 

In a market, which in recent years is moving more and more towards specialist areas, whether they be paintings, furniture, objets d'art or indeed, musical instruments, the auction house wishes to propose its new department to the public. 

International buyers seem  to have rediscovered an  interest and are paying great attention to rare and high standard  vintage instruments and Il Ponte wishes to keep pace with the times and the demands of the market.

Our  intent is that of scheduling one sale a year that may attract all who gravitate around  historical instruments and the music world.

With the help of the qualified expert who handled  all our previous auctions contributing to their success and results, our hope is that of occupying a prominent position in international instrument sales.