Modern and Contemporary Art

Il Ponte Casa d'Aste pulverises the estimates and flies to € 8,3 million

"Thrilling" is the concise but emblematic comment following the results of the Modern and Contemporary Art sale, since its online debut. From words to action. The auction ends with over € 8,3 million total sold, reaching a 220% increase in value on average and 96% of lots sold. 
 More than 1,000 bidders connected online and by phone from all over the world - United States, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Spain and Belgium (just to name a few) - fueled by adrenaline competition, ready to win unpublished masterpieces from important collections and museum quality. The great interest of the audience has been revealed since the first days of the catalogue's release with over 100,000 online visits and more than 13,000 digital readings.
Among the top results:  Lucio Fontana's "Concetto spaziale, Natura" from 1959-60 (€562,500), Alberto Burri 's "Combustione" dated 1957 (€375,000) and Giorgio de Chirico's "Il giorno e la notte" (€350,000), followed by Gino Severini's "Autoritratto" (€275,000), Alighiero Boetti with "Niente da vedere niente da nascondere" dated 1977 (€ 212,500), Cagnaccio di San Pietro with the enchanting "Nudo in riva al mare/La rosa del mare" from '35 (€ 162,500) and Renato Guttuso  with "Interno nello studio (Natura morta nello studio)" dated '47 (€ 118,750).
However, truly exceptional results for the Italian market were also achieved by Jean Fautrier's "Traits colorés" dated 1957 (€ 275,000), Man Ray 's "Indestructible Object (Objet à detruire)" dated between 1923 - 1963 (€ 106,250) and Max Bill's "Farbknoten" from 1965 (€ 75,000). Finally, it is impossible not to mention the world record for the futurist Pippo Oriani with his work "Simultaneità organizzata" dated 1932-33 (€ 27,500).

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