Fashion Vintage

Palazzo Crivelli - Via Pontaccio 12, Milan
Viewing: 10-11-12 November (10/13 – 14.30/18.30)
Sale: 17 November

Hermès, Krizia, Gianfranco Ferré and Roberto Capucci are the undisputed protagonists of a careful and accurate selection of bags, accessories and dresses put up for auction on November 17 in Milan at Palazzo Crivelli. The imprinting of this particular vintage fashion sale is that it will offer "new vintage" clothes and accessories, meaning that some have never been used.

By Hermès, not only the marvelous Birkin will go under the hammer, but also the classic Boutonnière and many other accessories that have always characterized the Maison Hermès: bracelets as well as belts, scarves and earrings.

By Krizia a careful selection of 35 dresses and sample clothes will be offered which are recognizable for their particular clean cut shapes, but also for the exclusive and almost manic sophistication of the embroidery, which dates back to the time when the Lady of Italian fashion, Mariuccia Mandelli, guided the Krizia brand with inexhaustible energy.

Gianfranco Ferrè will be present with his own private collection of hats, bought during infinite wanderings and travels in the constant search for new stimuli to create a special and innovative way to dress.

Last but not least, Roberto Capucci: three unmistakable and "inspiring" evening and cocktail dresses that every single woman would like to wear; from the style, to the choice of fabrics, to the combination of colours. Every time we are confronted with a creation of this great stylist we feel we are facing a work of art.

Iconic creations by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Courrèges, Roberta di Camerino and other famous brands will also go under the hammer in oder to offer an exciting international trip through vintage fashion, now Cool as ever!